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The Light of Life


Research has shown that all living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons – electromagnetic waves of light within biological systems, which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured using special equipment. Healthy cells, sick cells, tumour cells, and infectious viruses and bacteria all have different light signals, which come together to form an internal system of cellular communication. A healthy cell radiates coherent light; whereas an unhealthy cell radiates chaotic light.



The Amezcua Bio Light 3 is a breakthrough in biophoton light therapy – a holistic approach to wellness that covers the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of well-being. Now, no matter where you are, you can get the benefits of light in a safe environment.

*Available in Selected Markets Only


Since the body and mind are connected through our bio-energy, not only can this therapy improve physical conditions, it also helps in achieving a more harmonised state of mental and emotional health.


  1. Unlock the top compartment by rotating the lid anti-clockwise.
  2. Place the Amezcua Bio Disc 3 inside the Amezcua Bio Light 3 compartment (convex facing upwards).
  3. Touch and hold the POWER sensor for 5-7 seconds and shine the Bio Light 3 on the desired part of your body.
    Avoid using the Amezcua Bio Light 3 on the eyes, on metal implants fixed to joints or bones, over the brain (in case of malignant tumors), on the head area for individuals with epilepsy conditions, on the foetus area (if pregnant) and over the heart (in case of any heart diseases).
  4. Slightly press the COLOR sensor to choose the light’s colour mode according to your needs. With each slight press, the colour will change from red, green, blue, to white.
  5. Use this for 3-4 sessions a day, 15 minutes per session.



The information above does not replace medical advice. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a physician or trained health care practitioner who has examined that patient or is familiar with that patient’s medical history. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. We do not make any therapeutic claims regarding the health benefits of any magnetic therapy products. Results vary with every individual, and your results may or may not be different from what is being represented. No promises, guarantees or warranties, whether stated or implied, have been made that you will produce any specific result.

The Amezcua Bio Light 3 is not a medical device, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.

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