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Shapers is a body sliming garment that helps shape the overall body. Shapers is made from a fabric called Novarel Slim which is tested and considered non-irritating and non-sensitising. The friction between the skin and Shapers garments causes the slimming effect. Through this friction, the Shapers assists in the slimming process. To achieve the desired results, use Shapers for 8 hours a day. Results will usually vary depending on the fitness and diet regime.


Key Benefits

  • The caffeine in the woven thread makes the fabric softer, thinner, lighter and breathable, allowing it to wrap tightly round the body while also comfortable to wear
  • Shapers uses Micro-Encapsulation Technology that contains active plant extracts allowing the body to absorb at least 98% of the extract. The absorption of the extracts will produce the following results:
    1. Fights against fat accumulation
    2. Manages body weight
    3. Alleviates cellulites
    4. Increases the metabolic rate
    5. Promotes moisture and elasticity to the skin
    6. Eliminates stretch marks

* The fabric has been tested by DERMSCAN Group, an authorised clinical testing centre appointed by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Research, France.