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Defy old age

Defy Youth Tonic is a non-emasculating serum for any man that wants to look like a man. Powered TRI-GENICS, it fights against the demons of fine lines and wrinkles while keeping your masculinity intact. It employs micronised structured water for better delivery of its cool ingredients to your skin. You can also toss out your dumb old aftershave, because Defy Youth Tonic easily does the trick.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces lines on your face
  • Makes your skin smoother
  • Moisturises your skin
  • Gives you a slight face lift


  • TRI-GENICS is a unique blend of three powerful peptides which delays pre-mature ageing and increases elasticity. Each peptide in this formula helps reduce wrinkles and restores your skin’s youthful attributes.

What Makes DEFY Youth Tonic So Bionic?

  • Argireline is a unique anti-wrinkle peptide which combines six natural amino acids reducing wrinkles by 17% in only 25 days. It works similarly as botox but through a safer and more intelligent way.
  • X50 Myocept, a complex containing 2 peptides, is a cosmetic delivery system that employs the most cutting edge technology, by targeting our skin neutrons to erase wrinkles and reduces muscle contraction.
  • Silanetriol & Hyaluronic Acid are active ingredients that hydrate the skin, stimulate collagen and skin cell production, and increase skin cell survival, ensuring your skin stays firm and full of life.