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TITAN SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL 10W-40 4T is reinforced with Zero Friction TechnologyTM

(ZFT) is formulated with the most advanced Friction Modifier (Metal Treatment). Superior additives & Synthetic protecting engines from the ‘Dry Friction’ of cold starts as well as short trip riding or driving. It penetrates into micro pores and leaves at thin film of metal treatment molecules which is able to withstand 4 to 5 times friction between metal to metal contacts. If this was to be compared to normal engines oil, fully synthetic engine oil, normal oil treatment and other forms of engine treatment in the market. It is highly recommended for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine and also suitable for superbike engine.


  • Formulated for protecting during cold start, stop & go riding or driving also when engine is hot.
  • Reduces wear by 4 to 5 times as compared to other lubricants.
  • Ensures longer engine life.
  • Ensures tip-top engine performance & power.
  • Reduces operating temperature, as such engine in cooler.
  • Ensures smoother & quieter engines.
  • Proven to protect even when engines oil had been drained out (subjected to our technical supervision.
  • Protects against engine internal corrosion and rust.
  • Keep engines running clean & efficient.
  • Exceed the highest U.S standards for engines wear protection.
  • Protects engines under severe driving conditions.
  • Eliminates the need for extra oil additives.


  • ~  SAE 10W-40 Viscosity Grade
  • ~  API SM