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In Arabic, the word “zayn” means good, grace, and beloved, making it a popular name for children born in places where the language is spoken. The name also rings similar to the word “zen”, an East Asian term that has been adopted by the English language, and which pertains to meditation or applying mindful awareness to relieve oneself of harmful negative energies. When applied to aesthetic, it embodies the minimalist philosophy to deliver elegant simplicity, effortless effectiveness, and understated excellence.

Zayn is a name that reflects all of these qualities – and, collectively, the purity and comfort which we associate with a healthy home life.

Key benefits

  • Purifies and sterilises indoor air by getting rid of 99.8% of airborne particulates, allergens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, bad odours, and VOCs
  • Uses a powerful 5-stage purification system to clean the air you breathe
  • Harmonises and energises clean air with the Amezcua Card
  • Covers up to 36 sqm of indoor space
  • Has three (3) speed levels that can be automatically set (for 2, 4, or 8 hours) to fit your daily routine
    • Level 1: During night-time when everyone is asleep
    • Level 2: For continuous daytime use
    • Level 3: For quick air purification of heavily contaminated air
  • Measures air quality with its precise built-in Air Quality Sensor for Auto Mode and automatically adjusts speed level accordingly
    • Air Quality Indicator
    • GREEN - Clean Air
    • YELLOW - Slightly polluted air
    • ORANGE - Heavily polluted air
  • Has a Night Mode function, which reduces light intensity to a minimum and shuts off ambient light completely; automatically sets the machine to its most silent speed level 1, allowing you to enjoy peaceful, quality sleep
  • Has a touch-screen indicator, child-lock function, and HPP+ Filter Cartridge change indicator, to assist you in keeping your HomePure Zayn unit in top shape

Third party endorsement

Allergy-friendly product, tested and certified by European Centre
for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)


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