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Detoxify and super-hydrate your body with HomePure Alkaline Jug

It is important to keep your pH level balanced to ensure your health and well-being. However, our lifestyles and diets cause inevitable imbalances in our body’s acidity levels. To bring balance back, it’s important to consume alkaline water. The HomePure Alkaline Jug alkalises plain drinking water into alkaline water that will promote your health.

With the HomePure Alkaline Jug, you can now transform filtered or plain drinking water from the comfort of your home. Detoxify and super-hydrate your body with alkalised and ionised water using HomePure’s alkalising antioxidant technology. Thousands of ceramic balls react with the molecular structure of fresh water, creating an abundance of negative ions that counterbalance the body’s acidity to maintain good health and prevent illness.

Key Benefits

  • Hydrates the body up to three times more effectively than tap water
  • Flushes acidic metabolites and cellular toxins from the body
  • Removes harmful active oxygen (free-radicals) from the body
  • Alkalises 200 litres of water (or three to four months)

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