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Okamizu Car Detoxifier kills harmful airborne bacteria and germs for a fresher environment in your car. Okamizu taps into nature’s best-known ‘ozone’ disinfectant using innovative Japanese technology that combines plasma-ion generation and ozonisation to bring you the Okamizu Car Detoxifier.

Ozone is a powerful, naturally occurring oxidising agent that is found readily in the air. In most environments, readings of ozone stand at around 0.02 parts per million on a clear spring day. Many refer to it as the smell of ‘fresh, clean air’ found in the mountains and near waterfalls.

Okamizu Car Detoxifier eliminates harmful contaminants in the car such as bacteria and air-borne viruses. It breaks down and neutralises chemicals and volatile organic compounds while eliminating odours including cigarette smoke to ensure a clean and healthy car environment.


Key Benefits

  • Purifies and refreshes the air in your car
  • Disinfects and eliminates air-borne harmful bacteria, germs and chemicals
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours caused by bacteria, tobacco, chemical fumes, pets, carpet, fabrics, mould and fungi
  • Reduces airborne allergens, mould spores, mildew and fungicide
  • Decomposes Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Neutralises toxic chemical fumes
  • No need to replace filter
  • Low maintenance