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How It Works

Your Water from Air system is made up of two units:

This unit extracts condensation or water from the air and pumps it into the purifier.

This unit purifies and dispenses hot and cold water.

Key Benefits

  •      Eco-friendly - reduces the need for plastic bottles
  •      Dispenses hot and cold water immediately
  •      Produces up to 40 litres of high quality drinking water per day
  •      Doubles up as a dehumidifier
  •      Low electricity consumption
  •      Minimal maintenance cost
  •      Easy installation – no messy plumbing or connections
  •      After-sales support

Filtration Stages

Unlike other conventional filtration systems that only have one or two filters, Water from Air (WFA) has a built-in 7-stage filtration system that is so advanced that it is capable of filtering out all sediment particles, chemicals and bacteria down to one hundredth of one millionth of a metre (0.01 micron), assuring you a continuous supply of fresh drinking water, both hot and cold.

WFA’s Advanced 7-Stage Filtration System

Stage 1        Electrostatic Air Filter
        Removes airborne particles

Stage 2  
     Sediment Filter
        Removes dirt, soil particles and sand sediment

Stage 3  
     Pre-Carbon Filter
        Removes chlorine, bad taste, odour, residuals, herbicides, etc.

Stage 4     
   Ultra Filter
        Removes bacteria        

Stage 5  
     Post-Carbon Filter
Removes unnatural odour and restores natural taste

Stage 6    
    Ultraviolet filter
        Kills germs and bacteria

Stage 7  
     WFA Bio Control
    Keeps water fresh and germ-free by preventing the build-up of bio-film just prior to water extraction. An air/ozone mixture is bubbled into stored filtered water automatically on a regular basis.

Bio Control Technology

Through regular injections of ozone (three parts of oxygen), WFA’s unique Bio Control Technology acts as Nature’s best natural disinfectant, ensuring that all your stored water remains pure after seven stages of filtering. Simply plug in WFA and enjoy hot or cold water, anytime and anywhere.


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